Bill Nye "The Science Guy" & Joy at the State Department Dinner during the PAMEST Awards Week in Washington, D.C.
About Me

I am thrilled to be writing to you because there are so many exciting things to anticipate as summer comes to a close. Soon, I will get to know all of my new students and learn about their passions, their dreams, their personalities, and maybe even help with some anxieties. I'll get to know each of their wonderful parents who will become teammates and friends. I'll have the opportunity to learn alongside my students as we explore the unknown together, and am sure that I will go home and announce to my husband (for the 20th time) "Honey, you won't believe how amazing my kids are this year. They're so sweet and so brilliant. They're the best class ever!" This is a wonderful time of year, indeed, and I can't wait to start building a supportive classroom community in which every child will thrive.

This will be my 20th year to teach elementary school and my fourth in Rogers. My teaching experiences have been quite varied. I have taught in 3rd through 5th grades in both rural and urban settings in both Arkansas and in Maryland (on the Washington DC border). For the past three years I have worked as a math facilitator, and am delighted to have been invited to join the Lowell team after requesting a transfer back into the classroom.

NBPTS National Board Certification

Professionally, I hold a National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification, have been awarded the Outstanding Classroom Practice award by the Arkansas Department of Education as well as Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching by the National Science Foundation and the President, have been named Technology & Learning magazine's statewide teacher of the year, am a statewide winner of Compaq's Teaching with Technology award, have been awarded a Wal-Mart's Teacher of the Year award, have presented math, science, and technology topics at many state and national teaching conferences, have published several creative teaching ideas in national magazines and professional journals, seem to be constantly seeking funding for innovative teaching practices, and have been fortunate enough to have been awarded many grants and partnerships.

Discovery Education My Educator Spotlight on the DEN

This year will be extremely rewarding and challenging for your child. You, your child, and I will work as a team to set and reach goals and to see that he/she reaches his/her highest potential. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or comments. My email address is, and the school phone is 631-3610.

Mrs. Wolfe's Teaching Philosophy

  • I believe that each child should be greeted with a warm smile when entering our classroom so that he or she realizes how glad I am to be sharing my day with them.

  • I believe that each child entrusted to me is a precious gift that should be treasured, nurtured, and treated with utmost respect.

  • I believe that it is my obligation to do whatever it takes to reach every child and to inspire each one to fly to his or her highest potential.

  • I believe that each of my students is an individual with unique strengths, talents, and needs.

  • I believe that, while academics are important, it is my responsibility to foster the growth and development of the whole child.

  • I believe no child in my care should feel embarrassed or humiliated in any way.

  • I believe that learning should be highly engaging, and that school should be a safe environment where children are eager to take risks.

  • I believe that it takes all of us working as a team: parents, students, school staff, and community members to create an exceptional learning experience.

  • I believe that discipline should be handled in a positive way that encourages children to learn to make the best possible choices.

  • I believe that each child should leave the room with their choice of a hug, a high five, or a handshake at the end of the day so they know that I was glad to spend the day with them and that I will look forward to seeing them again.

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. -Rudyard Kipling